California & Federal Laws BLESS Short Sellers

As hyper-partisan as both Democrats and Republicans have been over the past five years, many believe, it took divine intervention to pass laws, that brought about real financial benefits, for those living under the heavy burden of excessive mortgage debt.

But due to Federal and State Short Sale Legislation, over 500,000 Californians have already profited from no cost mortgage elimination; and with new mortgage guidelines many are buying more affordable homes with low rate mortgages, immediately.

Here Is How It Works.

By completing a short sale, regardless of the final sales price all mortgages are eliminated for free and all closing costs are absorbed by the lien holders. The homeowner pays nothing.

In addition, with the Federal H.A.F.A.® program and other lender initiatives, you may also receive from $1,000 to $20,000.

The Economics of a Short Sale speak for themselves. Simply put, the average underwater borrower, can sell and then buy a home that will be building positive equity, several years before, their existing home is even worth what they owe.

With a YHS Short Sale, instead of waiting 4 to 7 years to qualify for a home loan, as you experience, after a foreclosure or deed-in-lieu; many of our clients are mortgage eligible the next day.

When you add up what this can mean financially, the average underwater Californian, can benefit by $150,000 to $300,000.

We can also help you find a great and affordable home, whenever you're ready; and we'll contribute up to $5,000 in closing costs.

At YourHomeStrategy, we are the leader, in completing short sales successfully, with the knowledge and experience to help you move on—gracefully—to the next chapter of your life.

Most importantly, all of our services costs you nothing and we'll contribute financially to your next home purchase.

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Economics of a Short Sale!

Every Obstacle, Setback or Challenge in Our Life: Can actually be a 'Blessing in Disguise.'

Learn how the Economics of Short Sales can work in your favor.

Short Sale vs. Foreclosure

Find out the real differences between a short sale vs a foreclosure.

And how each will impact your future.

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